Friday, February 3, 2012

Searching for my Sanity

Have you seen my sanity? Photobucket Seriously, have you seen it?

Since finding out about Bub's surgery, I feel as though I've lost my mind. Well, to be honest, it was thinking of running away long before the surgery, but I had managed to hang onto it with bribery, begging, and promises I didn't intend to keep. But, with the stress of yesterday and the exhausting evening last night (long story short, Bub didn't sleep i.e. neither did I), it has fully left me. 

Gone like this was an abusive relationship (it was).

Gone like those cookies I made a couple days ago (Who ate those? Oh yeah, me).

Gone like yesterdays trash.

Okay, you get it. My sanity is so very gone that I forgot to pick Goober up from school today. Yes, I am mother of the year. Truth is, I had thought a friend was getting him but I had told her I would pick him up. Do I remember making that promise? Nope.

So, he was at school for 20 extra minutes because I have lost my mind. Poor kid. Now I have to make it up to him but surely he knows by now that I'm crazy and probably will forget to do that too, so instead he'll just have to accept my apologies. He's a good boy, he knows how stressed I've been. He never stays mad at anyone too long. I love him for that.

Anyway, if you're out wandering about and you see my sanity roaming the streets eating ice cream (or those cookies I didn't share), talking to itself, and muttering curses to my name under its breath , send it back my way. Chances are pretty good I'm going to need it sometime if I want to go back to being a good mom again. Or ever intend on homeschooling again. Something tells me I will need sanity to accomplish that well.

Tell it I'll give it anything it wants and I promise I'll be nicer from here on out if just comes back. 

Don't tell it that I probably won't keep those promises either, though.

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