Welcome to my eclectic little corner of the webiverse! This is my space on the web where I can share our homeschooling journey, vent about things that bug me, praise and rejoice over things that make me happy and proud, and any/everything in between. This will truly be a collection of many things rolled into one. I love to write and look forward to getting my thoughts out there.

About Me
I'm Jeri, the owner of the blog, and I'm a mom of two in the midwestern United States. I have two fantastic sons, affectionately called "Goober" (or just "Goob") and "Bub", who are 11 and 6, respectively, who light up my life. Not to say that I have lost myself in motherhood, but motherhood definitely defines a large part of who I am. I have grown, changed, matured, and been forced to consider things I never thought I would because of them. I sometimes look at myself and can't believe what has become of me (in a good way, of course) and know that I owe it all to my relationships, good and bad, in my life, my children, and, last but certainly not least, the Lord.

I am also a mom on a mission to lose weight and become fit and healthy for my children. My progress is ongoing but I'm sure some of my stories will feature my victories and struggles. I am about halfway to my weight loss goal at this point (May 2013) and am becoming more athletic every day.

In addition to being mom and wifey, I homeschool both my children, a job which I wholly love and believe I was destined to do. Deciding to homeschool was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I am thrilled to be teaching my boys at home. The joy I get from doing this makes it worth all the difficult times we have. I am also a freelance writer for a friend's blog and I do some other odds & ends jobs for extra cash and for my own sanity. I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, aunt, sister, and woman who is passionate about my relationship with my Savior, my family, my family's (including myself) health, being eco-friendly Photobucket, natural living, children (not just my own, but all children), freedom to be who you are and choose what's best for your life, and a whole slew of other topics. When I find a passion, I go in full force and immerse myself in that topic. I love to learn because knowledge is power. I think for myself and only am a follower of the One whom I should follow.

About My Family
My hubby (Hubs is the love of my life, and I'm so thankful for him. We have recently undergone a spiritual awakening in our marriage and we have renewed and strengthened our commitment to each other. We are more in love than ever now and it's amazing to have such a wonderfully strong marriage. He always stands by me in all my decisions and is there for me no matter what. When we started discussing homeschooling, he was 100% on board with me, even though it meant me quitting my job. He is now the sole breadwinner and never complains about it. I love him dearly for all he does for us and love that he loves the Lord as much as I do.

Goober  is my 12 year old almost seventh grader and my first baby. He is a fantastic boy who loves playing soccer, wrestling, and is very smart, sweet, goofy, charismatic, caring, gentle, and has a fantastic sense of humor and his faith in and relationship with God is far beyond that of most kids his age. He is the most resilient and versatile child I've ever met and he tends to go with the flow in most situations. I see great things in his future as he learns who he is and begins to live up to his full potential. I will always have a special bond with him because of the time we shared together when I was a single mother after his dad and I separated. Everyone who has ever met him, loves him because he's a great kid.

My youngest, Bub, is 7 years old, almost in third grade, and has Asperger's. Dealing with a child on the spectrum has forced me to, yet again, change the way I think and look at life through different eyes. Bub is a delightfully spirited little boy who overcomes obstacles every day to live a "normal" life. He is a silly, funny, and loving little boy genius who never forgets anything and absorbs everything he learns almost instantly. Everyone who meets Quinn admires his spirit, spunk, and desire to learn all he can. Quinn has taught me what it means to "overcome" and I so proud of all he does and is capable of.

Some other little critters may crop up into my stories from time to time. I also have four (yes, four!) silly dogs and one lovable kitty that may find their way into stories sometimes. Three of my dogs are double dapple dachshunds (females). We call them Footlong Dog (because she's freakishly long), SausagDog (she's very, very round), and HypeDog (self explanatory there). Our last dog is RaDog (a not-really-a-dog mini-chihuahua/yorkie mix, male) and the cat is RoadkilKitty (he's a siamese that sleeps like a dead cat on the side of the road; it's weird and hilarious). I love my animals and they give me hours of amusement with their silly, interesting, and people-like personalities.

My whole family (and most people in the world, I think) are the "Uniquely Typical" of which my blog is named. We are all weird and awesome but just your average family. We are nothing spectacular, and yet we are spectacular because of who we are. We are far from perfect and make many mistakes, but we love Jesus and each other completely and wholly, and that's all that matters.
So, that's that. If you made it all the way through, CONGRATS!  It was lengthy (I'm chatty, mom didn't call me Motor Mouth for nothin') but I hope you get a better idea of who we are. I look forward to this outlet for my creativity, frustrations, rejoicing, and everything in between. 

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